Osceola Kingdom Longears was established in 1994 in Issaquah, Washington. It all began with the adoption of our first donkey, Henry the First Donkey or “Hank”. We offered to foster him for a few weeks for Donkeys Unlimited Association, a donkey rescue organization, dedicated to the promotion and welfare of donkeys in our area. Hank made such an impact on our lives that we adopted him within a couple of weeks and that’s how it all began! From that point, we became very involved with Donkeys Unlimited Association and continued rescuing donkeys as well as accumulating donkeys!

One of the next donkeys acquired was OK Pretty Boy Floyd. He and several other mammoth donkeys were found standing knee deep in manure in a barn that was about to be torn down. There were two jennets, one with a foal at her side and another jennet with a dead foal. Floyd was still a jack at the time of his rescue and it was decided by the Welfare Chairman to geld him since he really was not jack quality. Good adoptive homes were found for the rest of the donkeys and it took several years to get them all healthy again. All of their feet were terrible as you might imagine. Floyd's feet were probably in the worst shape. It took a year and a half to rehabilitate his feet with corrective trimming and shoeing, but he eventually was able to walk around and even be ridden without causing him pain. Floyd will always hold a special place in Sue's heart as "the love of her life". This very special donkey captured her heart and her love and began her interest in breeding and raising American Mammoth Jackstock.

Her next quest was to find a Mammoth Jennet for riding and breeding. Her search led her to Montana where she purchased Julie, who was later registered as "OK Morgan's Julie Girl. She was 15.1 hands and totally outrageous. She was a granddaughter of Siemen's Glen, a very famous foundation jack. Julie was as sweet as she was BIG. She participated in many parades and fair exhibits and always drew a lot of attention for her enormous size. Nobody could believe she was a donkey… or as Sue called her a "donkeysorius."

Julie produced one foal, but it was not without problems. Forrest was born with very contracted tendons and required 24-hour care for weeks just to get him up to nurse. It was quite an ordeal but we're happy to say that Forrest survived and grew to be larger than his mother.

With Sue's donkey addiction growing in leaps and bounds, soon the Issaquah farm became too small for a breeding operation so the search for a new farm began. The perfect place was found and OK Longears relocated to Enumclaw, Washington. Sue's interest also expanded into riding and showing mules. In 1996, she purchased Little Brother Brewster and has shown him ever since. After a few years, OK Longears was joined by D bar S Ranch and with that came more mules and Quarter Horses.

Our breeding objectives are to raise larger Mammoth Jackstock, with good conformation, great dispositions, color if possible, and most importantly, well mannered and useful animals. Since Julie, we have carefully chosen champion bloodlines to achieve our goals and we have never lost our focus. We believe that Mammoth Jackstock are very useful and make wonderful riding and driving animals. We haven't raised any mules… yet… but that is in the future.


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